Some LPA Members

Membership in the Litchfield Pickleball Association (LPA) is open to residents of Litchfield.

The are two membership options for joining the LPA. The first is to join as a member of the Talent Hall/Sawmill group. This allows a member to play at both the indoor Talent Hall courts and the outdoor courts at Sawmill Park.

The other option is to join the Sawmill only group that allows a member to play at the Sawmill Park outdoor courts but not indoors at Talent Hall

The new Sawmill Outdoor courts opened early June 2023. Currently to play at the Sawmill Courts a player needs to be a resident of Litchfield or a member of the Litchfield Pickleball Association.

How to Join

To join the LPA you must complete an Application and a required Litchfield Waiver. These are contained in the LPA Member Pack accessed by clicking the link. To apply for membership, you can download the member pack and follow instructions within.


Annual membership fees for Talent Hall are $50 for Litchfield residents. Talent Hall membership also includes membership for the Sawmill Park outdoor group.

Membership in only the Sawmill Park outdoor group is available for an annual membership fee of $25 for Litchfield residents.

Further information on membership can be found in the LPA Member Pack noted above.

The membership fees are the primary method of funding all LPA activities including contributions to the Litchfield Recreation Commission and ongoing expenses of the LPA. The LPA is a NH nonprofit corporation.


We play indoors at Talent Hall and outdoors at Sawmill Park.

Our play sessions are organized by three skill levels of Recreational, Competitive, and Advanced as explained in the Member Information Pack noted above. We have a beginners program for new players. LPA members have volunteered to offer beginner instruction at these sessions.


We communicate with our members primarily through our website and, occasionally, through email. Members should be computer-literate, possess an email address, and be able to access our website via computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Important Guidelines and Policies

The the invitation and playing by guests at LPA sessions in covered in the LPA Member Pack noted above.

Additional club documents are available to members on the Members Only page. This includes by-laws, rules of play, operating guidelines, meeting minutes and others. To request the password for access, contact a member of the Board of Directors.