About Us


Litchfield Pickleball Association (LPA) is an association of pickleball players, mostly 55+, although we have no age restrictions. In fact, we need some young blood to keep improving the quality of our games. LPA sessions are scheduled 7 days per week at Talent Hall in Litchfield, NH. Talent Hall is owned by the Town of Litchfield and is administered by the Litchfield Recreation Commission. We have about 125 active players and we run 12 to 20 sessions per week. Since we have a mix of player skills and inclinations, we have Recreational, Competitive, and Advanced sessions. New players always begin in Recreational sessions. We all desire to improve our skill level and knowledge, so this website offers numerous blog entries on coaching tips, as well as information on local pickleball tournaments and links to other valuable pickleball sites.

Talent Hall is an indoor facility with 2 courts, so we are capacity constrained. We use a web-based signup process so as to limit attendance to 12 players per session.

In addition to Talent Hall, we have striped the Town of Litchfield’s Sawmill Brook Park tennis courts with pickleball markings, so outdoor pickleball is available during fair weather months.

Directions to Talent Hall: click here

If you want more info about us, send us an email at litchfieldpickleball.board@gmail.com