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LPA Aids Litchfield Youth Baseball


On Monday 12/19,  LPA president Pete Burr and board member Gary Fitz presented a check in the amount of $500.00 to Kurt Schaefer.  The money is being applied towards the Justin Bissett Fields.   They  are developing the fields on Jeff Lane so we can have a 60′ and a 70′ baseball diamond in town.  We are naming the fields after Justin Bissett.  Justin played T-Ball in town shortly before he passed away at the age of 7 from cancer.  The fields have started – but we have a long way to go.  Their  goal is to raise a total of $40,000 and LPA is helping out.


Toys For Tots A Big Success

The first Toys For Tots Tournament was held at Talent Hall on December 6th. Lots of fun for all and many toys were collected.

Here are the session players and the winner of each session.Session one


Session One

Judy Kelly, Bob Kelly, Margaret Berg, Gene Berg, Jean MacCloud, Pete Burr, Chris Marchand, Evan Ordway




Session one winners


Session One Winners!

Margaret and Gene Berg









Session two


Session Two

Bob Welch, Ray Breton,Dee Breton, Bob Perham, Jim Fabbo, Lori Fabbo, Hank Bernardini, Kathy Pierce


Session two winners


Session Two Winners!

Kathy Pierce and Ray Breton








Session three


Session Three

Peggy Kenney, Nina Faraci, Bob Hanek, Gary Wenzel, Michelle Wall, Bob Lemay, Bob Barry


SEssion three winners



Session Three Winners!

Peggy Keeney and Bob Barry








Session four


Session Four

Bruce Rotenberg, Ed Forcier, Roger Gingras, Roger Hubert, Phyllis Morris, Priscilla Sinclair, Lucille Gingras, Paula Hubert



Session four winners


Session Four Winners!

Priscilla Sinclair and Ed Forcier








The tournament was fun for all attending. LPA members should participate in the future- you’ll probably be playing against the same people you normally play with. Give it a try and join in the fun!


New Board Members Added

I just wanted to send out a quick note in regards to the Litchfield Pickleball Association.
We would like to welcome two new board members; their terms will expire Dec 31st 2017
Janette Parker
John Poulos

As you may have read previously, we have now finalized the structure of the Board. This information is also on the web site.
President    Pete Burr
Secretary   Margaret Berg
Communication     Jean MacLeod
Member at Large    Janette Parker
Member at Large    John Poulos

In order for the association to run smoothly, we have additional folks, some that are not board members but play a vital role.
Dee Breton Treasurer
Bob Welch Web Master
Janette Parker Outreach
Pete Burr SUG

Looking ahead, the association has recently purchased a Tutor Pickleball machine. We anticipate having the machine in mid-September. Dianne Sylvester has formed a subcommittee and is working on a plan to submit to the Board of Directors on how this machine will be best used by the association. We will publish more on that as it becomes available.

WE NEED YOUR HELP in 3 areas
1. After you finish your game, take a moment to pick up the loose pickleballs and return them to the plastic tubs. This is not only for safety reasons but as a courtesy to the next players coming on the court (s)
2. Payment for your session. As you know the cost to play is $1.00 and we are asking that you try and pay with bills. I realize 4 quarters equals a dollar, but the change over time does create an additional burden for the treasurer. Your help would be appreciated.
3. Water. The association provides water for you to stay hydrated during the matches. However, we are finding open bottles, half full bottles, and empty bottles all left behind. Help us by taking your bottle either with you or deposit it in the trash. Let’s cut down on the waste.

It’s still great weather to get outside at Sawmill or up at the Rock.

Enjoy the game and if I can do anything don’t hesitate to let me or any of the board members know.