LPA Adds New Sessions

As the calendar opens up at Talent Hall, many new sessions have been added to meet member requests. There are new sessions for:

• Nights – Tues, Thurs, Fri from 5-8 PM
• Tournament Sat from 4-8 PM—restricted to players who are self-assessed as
USAPA Level 4.0 – 5.0
• Saturday & Sunday – new sessions and times offered

Members are urged to check out the SUG Signup page on our web site to view new sessions and revised times.

Although many sessions are newly added, there are still many sessions that are scheduled but have no signups and thus go unused. We’ll keep these slots open to see if demand increases- otherwise, we’ll designate the slot to a different group.

For the week ending 5/17/15, there were 21 sessions scheduled- and 10 sessions went unused due to no signups. We think this will change as the new schedules become generally known by all members.

Beginner sessions have been eliminated- no demand for this type of session.

Any questions on schedule enhancements should be directed to Janette Parker and/ or Ric French

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