Remember to Pay Your Recurring Fee!

As of today, 34 members have not paid their $10 Recurring Fee for 2015. We will email the paid member status around January 8th- that will be the final notice.

On January 15th, we will remove all delinquent members from the Roster, email distribution, and SUG database. Delinquent members may still play as guests, but will not be able to signup for sessions using SUG.

If a removed member requests reinstatement after having been removed, there will be a $5 Admin Fee in addition to the $10 Recurring Fee in order to add the delinquent member back onto the Roster. This is because the member had to be removed and then readmitted, which takes the manual efforts of two people.

Please don’t let your membership lapse- get your payment in by January 15th.

After the 15th, the Board will most likely admit new members into LPA. If the membership exceeds 90 total members, the Board may limit additional members. Former members who are Litchfield residents will be given priority, but their readmission is not guaranteed.

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