Questionnaire Results

We received 39 completed questionnaires from a pool of 72 LPA members. I sorted the responses by Residents and Nonresidents.The counts (# of responses to a question) are shown for all questions. Identities are not shown. The data is shown by clicking on
Questionnaire Results to Members- Sept 2014

Optional comments made by members can be viewed by clicking on
Questionnaire Comments to Members- Sept 2014.

The results are shown below:
1. Recurring Fees—Residents supported recurring fees (9 yes, 5 no) while nonresidents did not support the fee (13 no and 12 yes). Only nonresidents currently pay the fee.

2. Monthly drawings—The membership was roughly split on the 2X/ monthly drawings: 20 agreed it was the best way to distribute benefits to the members, while 19 disagreed this was the best way.

As a result of this response, the Board decided to eliminate monthly drawings for the balance of 2014. The money saved will be used for merchandise for all members, probably the vests that we are trialing in a sample order. More details will be provided in October.

3. Increase Benefits—24 members think we should increase benefits, while 15 did not. It appeared that many of the ‘no’ votes were because the respondents objected to the $25 Recurring Fee for nonresidents.

4. # Of SUG Slots—22 members favored retaining 12 SUG slots, while 15 wanted to increase to 14 SUG slots. 2 members wanted to eliminate SUG. Most of the reason for the increase to 14 slots was because people either didn’t show up or came late/ left early, etc.

5. Guest Limits—A large majority (32 in favor, 7 opposed) supports limiting a guest’s ability to play if there are 12 or more LPA members in a session.

6. More tournaments—Overwhelming support for more tournaments- 38 in favor and 1 opposed.

Thanks to all members who responded. The Board will use the results in developing the 2015 financial plan. This will be provided to all members in December.

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