Memorial Day Mixer

A few LPA members participated in the Memorial Day Pickleball Mixer at Willows, in North Andover, MA. The original intent was to be a North Shore vs. South Shore team tournament, but there weren’t enough South Shore people so it was just red vs. blue. Bob McCarthy, Bob Lemay, and Mark Duckworth were on the blue team, and Gary Wenzel was on the red team. There were a few jokes about people wearing the wrong color shirt, but we could still keep track of who was on which team 🙂

There were two divisions, intermediate and advanced. Each team had 6 men and 6 women in each division, for a total of 48 people altogether. At the start, we selected partners for mixed doubles, mens doubles, and womens doubles. Some people partnered with people they knew, and some partnered with people they just met.

It was a team round robin format, so everybody got to play against each of the six opponent teams in their division in mixed doubles, followed by three more games against each gender specific doubles team. Each game was to 11, win by 1. Total team points mattered, so winning 11 to 3 was better than winning 11 to 9.

After play was over, we all had some very good pizza made right there at Willows. The red team won the event. I don’t remember the overall score, but nobody seemed to care too much because everybody was there to have fun, and we did.

Gary and Maria

Bob and Kathy

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