Intermediate Workshop A Success!

A summary of individual surveys returned by 8 members of the Litchfield Pickleball Association indicate a recently completed trial Workshop was a great success! Overwhelming high marks were given to the three Coaches who agreed to assist with the trial. The Coaches were comprised of Lynne and Rick Trombley and John Croes.

Click for the Workshop Survey Summary_June 2015

The Workshop was a follow-up from the January Survey that indicated that many players had an interest in participating in Coached Workshop Sessions.

The Coaches were asked to provide instruction to a group of individual’s who were beyond “beginner status”; who currently play at a recreational level, and, who expected to continue to play recreationally. The group’s objective: To improve their skills and real knowledge of the strategy of the game.

This Workshop fulfilled some of those needs and served as a trial to determine whether both the coaches and the individual Litchfield member’s objectives could be met.

Workshop Outline

A total of 12 participants agreed to be part of the trial. Several additional individuals were invited to attend as “Alternates” when an open slot became available on a per week basis. Two individuals on the “disabled list” served as “listeners only”, and, assisted Coaches with videography, ball pickup, etc. Both were eventually able to attend 2 sessions each as Alternates.

Ultimately, 17 different members had an opportunity to attend one or more of the five Coached sessions that began the last week in May and ran thru the end of June.

A number of tools were utilized by the Coaches and tried by the participants throughout the Workshop. Those tools are listed and were evaluated on the survey. (Attached)

The results indicate the Workshop was a great success by those 7 regular and 1 alternate who were in all five, or, at least four of the sessions.

The participants wish to express their gratitude to our three Coaches, Lynne, Rick and John. Our appreciation also goes to several others who provided some much needed direction and behind the scenes support which includes our five Board members: Margaret Berg, Pete Burr, Ric French, Jean MacLeod, Ed McKinnon, and, also to Bob Welch for many early on suggestions to use or discard. .

In closing, my personal thanks to the Workshop participants who supported the trial and who also provided essential, timely feedback. As one survey respondent wrote to the Coaches “…you have made me a better pickleball player and that was no easy task!”

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