LPA Duffel Bag

The Board is pleased to announce a new promotional item as a one-time purchase option- a well-made duffel bag embroidered with our team logo and your name.

The bag can be ordered in any one of six colors: Black, Gray, Burgundy, Olive, Royal Blue, or Navy. The bag may be viewed on the following link

Embroidered Duffel Bag

The LPA logo and the member’s name will be embroidered in the imprint area on the side of the bag- embroidered, not merely silk screened! The logo and name color will be White, which will match any bag color.

As we did with the vests we ordered last year, we will ask a member contribution of $5 and the club will donate the remainder of the funds. For qty=50 bags, the per unit cost is approximately $15.25, including the member’s name.

So, you’re being asked to pay 1/3 the cost and the club pays 2/3: is this a good deal or what!

You will have up to June 30th to order your bag. Payment is due when you place your order and delivery will be about July 10th. We will leave blank payment envelopes in the clip board at Talent Hall. Put in your payment, seal it, and put your name on the outside of the envelope. Place the envelope in the money box at each session. As before, we’ll assume you haven’t paid unless we have an envelope with your name upon it.

You can place your order by using the link below. Please make sure you input all required fields. You can put either one name per bag or a couple’s name if you only want to order one bag per couple. Email Bob Welch if there are any questions.

Here is the Order Form link

We will order 4-5 additional bags for new members, but we probably won’t repeat this order in the future: if we do, the per unit member contribution will be much higher, since we won’t get a big discount for a small quantity.

If you want to take advantage of this great offer, order now.

Only one bag per member, unless you are willing to pay full price for additional bags (approximately $15.25/ bag).

Author: Bob Welch

Retired high tech sales executive. Native son of Boston, MA Graduated MBA from NYU and BSME from UMass/ Amherst