In or Out?


Photo B - In bounds

Photo B – In bounds

Photo A - Out of Bounds

Photo A – Out of Bounds

Because of the nature of the hard ball a Pickleball can only make contact with one small part of the ball. As you can see in photo A, the center of the ball is touching the red out of bounds area. So, even though part of the profile of the ball is over the top of the line, the ball is out. Photo B shows a ball that is good because the center is touching the white line. Reference: section 6C of the official USAPA rules.

Note that this rule is different than the rule for tennis. A tennis ball can flatten out when

it hits, if any part of the tennis ball touches the line, it is called good.

Remember, all lines are good during the rally and the serve except for the no-volley line during the serve. A served ball that touches the no-volley line is a fault and results in loss of serve.

Please also remember to be generous with your calls, if it is close and you are not sure just play it.


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