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Camp Birch Hill Tournament

Several LPA members had a fun time at the Camp Birch Hill tournament in New Durham, NH. Some of us stayed overnight in the cabins, and took advantage of other activities in addition to pickleball. There was swimming, kayaking, stand-up-paddleboarding, hiking, cornhole, table tennis, and more.

LPA members included: Margaret and Gene Berg, Patty and Phil Ricciardi, Beth Atkinson, Peggy Keeney, Kathy Paganis, Tom Raiche, Tom Duyette, Mark Duckworth.


Here is a summary of the event from Yvonne Ting, one of the organizers:

Congratulations Pickle Partners for making the Welcome Summer Pickleball event at Camp Birch Hill such a terrific experience for all.

We were blessed with terrific weather, spirited competition and an affable fraternity of Pickle enthusiasts from New York, Connecticut, Maine and our home state of New Hampshire.  Thanks for your participation, it was a pleasure to host such a fabulous group.

We have settled on a date for our FALL PICKLE-FEST::::::: September 14-15-16!!  We would be privileged to welcome you back.

Format and Fees will closely remain the same, The Full weekend fee includes 2 dinners, 2 Lunches,  2 Breakfasts, and 2 overnights (Friday and Saturday) and all tournament fees:  $150.

Saturday Day: Men’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles
Sunday: Mixed Doubles

Single day Fee: $35 with Lunch
Saturday & Sunday two day fee: $70 with Lunches

The water in the Lake will be warm in September, the bugs will be past their prime and when Mother Nature joins the party, it will be a fine weekend for swimming, sailing, paddle-boarding, hiking, biking, and all the activities Birch Hill has to offer.

The Honorees from the Spring Tournament were as follows:

Women’s Doubles:
Gold: Sandy Larson/Nancy Casko
Silver: Linda Blythe/Nancy freedman
Bronze: Kim Gratton/ Kelly Nagle

Gold: Chris Morrell/Carolyn Morrison
Silver: Patricia Mongeau/Karin Houghton
Bronze: Mary Jane Gould/Judy Brinser

Gold: Reja Vongsawet/ Gen Yong
SIlver: Peggy Keeney/Beth Atkinson
Bronze: Leeanna Lavoie/Krista Trefethen

Gold: Pascal Metzger/Scott Broadley
Silver:Tom Boston/Mike Carter
Bronze:John Baratta/Ben Nuebig

Gold: Saby Karuppiah/Eden Lica
SIlver: Art Lavoie/Traci Lisherness
Bronze: Ernesto Fajardo/Owen Keefe

Mixed Doubles:
Gold: Suzanne Lesperance/Ahmad Elliot
Silver: Sandy Cloutier/Brian Patrie
Bronze: Lori Estanislau/Mark Ambrose

Gold: Yvonne Ting and Ernesto Fajardo
Silver: Chantheng Plang/ Rithy Plang
Bronze: Leeanna Lavoie/Art Lavoie

All-In Mixed Up:
Gold: Linda Blythe/Dave Blythe
Silver: Nancy Freedman/ Andrew Freedman
Bronze: Nancy Wright/Scott Inman

Lower courts

Upper courts

Camp Birch Hill Beach

Mark and Pauline

Patty and Tom


Beth and Peggy

Beth and Dan


Peggy and Tom