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Fun and Medals at Joe Levine Tournament

From Beth Atkinson:

The 5th Annual Joe Levine Mixed Double Tournament was held on Saturday April 21, 2018 at the Salemwood School Gym in Malden, MA…affectionately known as “The Pickledome”.

Joe Levine is the Malden Recreation Department’s director who was instrumental in getting pickleball started in Malden.

Pete Sullivan, with the help of the Malden Recreation Department organizes this tournament every year and it is very well run with opportunities for all ages and levels.  This year there were 3 divisions of 12 teams each; an “A” division for advanced players, a “B” division for intermediate players, and a 60+ division.

The pickledome is a fun place to play.  There are 3 gyms separated by heavy “curtains” and each gym has 3 pickleball courts.  People set up chairs the entire length of the gym to watch the action (and for much needed rest in between their matches!)  This creates a setting where, as you walk from one set of courts to the other, you get a chance to reconnect with folks you’ve met at other tournaments or venues.  It’s a riot as everybody says the same thing, “I KNOW we’ve met but I can’t remember your name”, or “now WHERE have we played together before?”  There was lots of smiles, hugs, and laughter…and tons of entertaining pickleball to watch and play.

This is the 3rd (I think) Joe Levine Tournament that I’ve played. This Malden tournament holds a special place in my pickleball heart as it was one of the very first tournaments I ever played in.  Special shout out to Bob Lemay (BOB!!!) who took me under his wing and invited me to play in that tournament with him even though I had only been playing pickleball for a couple of months.  He created a monster…now I play in every tournament I can get to!!!

If you’ve been thinking about trying out tournaments…this is a great one to get involved in.  It’s well-organized so you get to play plenty of games and there is not a lot of waiting around.  There’s also plenty of opportunity to play on open courts once the tournament gets into its medal round.

But watch out…you might catch the tournament BUG!!!!


From Bob Lemay:

In the A Tournament- Beth Atkinson won Gold, with her partner, Mike Donovan.

The Silver medal, in the A tournament, went to Phil and Patti Ricciardi.

Other LPA members that played in the tournament were: Bob Martin, Wayland Foote, Susie Brassard, Bob Lemay, Diana Caron, and Bob McCarthy.

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