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How Often Do We Play?

LPA recently analyzed how often sessions actually get used.

While some sessions have a full complement of 12 players and other sessions have less-

1 in 3 sessions go totally unused.

There’s lots of reasons:
• Schedules change and might not be convenient to most players
• Sessions might be dedicated to the wrong target groups
Recreational sessions are oriented towards players who do not want to play aggressively or competitively
Competitive sessions are oriented towards those who do want to play competitively
Open sessions are where Competitive and Recreational players have a chance to play together to improve their skill levels
So, some sessions might be better subscribed if their designation changes- the people who actually schedule sessions (Ric French and Janette Parker) need to hear feedback if things need changing
• Players are used to playing with other players as a group and don’t see the need to change around so much. For example, the M-W-F Competitive session at 9 AM is normally filled up 7 days in advance, mostly by the same players. The following Open session at 11 AM has had difficulty getting filled at all- although this is changing slowly. The much requested M-W-F Recreational slot at 1 PM often goes unused
• While we have 102 active members, only a subset of these play regularly at LPA- many others play occasionally and have other venues they also frequent
• It takes some time for members to learn of additional sessions offered. For example, there were lots of requests for additional slots at night and more on weekends: when these slots were added a few weeks ago, most went unused

We have an obligation to make sessions available to meet the needs of the membership- but it is up to individual members to take advantage of the slots offered. SUG controls the problem of over-subscribing. Even with 102 active members, Talent Hall is sufficient to handle this level of membership.

A weekly analysis may be viewed at Weekly Data Summary. We will update this at the end of each quarter and post it in the For Members Only section of our website.

LPA Adds New Sessions

As the calendar opens up at Talent Hall, many new sessions have been added to meet member requests. There are new sessions for:

• Nights – Tues, Thurs, Fri from 5-8 PM
• Tournament Sat from 4-8 PM—restricted to players who are self-assessed as
USAPA Level 4.0 – 5.0
• Saturday & Sunday – new sessions and times offered

Members are urged to check out the SUG Signup page on our web site to view new sessions and revised times.

Although many sessions are newly added, there are still many sessions that are scheduled but have no signups and thus go unused. We’ll keep these slots open to see if demand increases- otherwise, we’ll designate the slot to a different group.

For the week ending 5/17/15, there were 21 sessions scheduled- and 10 sessions went unused due to no signups. We think this will change as the new schedules become generally known by all members.

Beginner sessions have been eliminated- no demand for this type of session.

Any questions on schedule enhancements should be directed to Janette Parker and/ or Ric French