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Remember to Pay Your Recurring Fee!

As of today, 34 members have not paid their $10 Recurring Fee for 2015. We will email the paid member status around January 8th- that will be the final notice.

On January 15th, we will remove all delinquent members from the Roster, email distribution, and SUG database. Delinquent members may still play as guests, but will not be able to signup for sessions using SUG.

If a removed member requests reinstatement after having been removed, there will be a $5 Admin Fee in addition to the $10 Recurring Fee in order to add the delinquent member back onto the Roster. This is because the member had to be removed and then readmitted, which takes the manual efforts of two people.

Please don’t let your membership lapse- get your payment in by January 15th.

After the 15th, the Board will most likely admit new members into LPA. If the membership exceeds 90 total members, the Board may limit additional members. Former members who are Litchfield residents will be given priority, but their readmission is not guaranteed.

4 New Directors Appointed

Four new directors have been appointed to fill two year terms, beginning in January 2015. Since there were four candidates for the four Board seats, they were appointed by the current Board. Offices will be decided by the new Board.

The four new Board members are:

  • Margaret Berg
  • Pete Burr
  • Ed MacKinnon
  • Jean MacLeod

Janette Parker and Don Yergeau will be leaving the Board at the end of 2014. Ric French serves for until the end of 2015; he will be eligible to stand for reelection.

Please welcome these new members and thank those leaving for their service to LPA.

Notice of Annual Recurring Fee

In September, the LPA Board decided to implement a new Recurring Fee structure and apply it to all members.

Membership fees for initial admission to LPA is $10 for Litchfield residents and $25 for nonresidents. The differential is because Litchfield residents indirectly support Talent Hall through their real estate taxes.

Last year, we levied a Recurring Fee of $25 for nonresidents in order to fund a one-time donation of $1000 to the Litchfield high school for pickleball nets. We do not plan to do this again.

In order to contribute to the Litchfield Recreation Commission, for 2015 we are budgeting an $800 contribution plus an additional $500 in extra janitorial expenses. The Rec Commission recently added a new roof to Talent Hall, plus completely painted the interior and upgraded the bathrooms. LPA is the largest user of Talent Hall.

To fund these planned contributions, we are using an Annual Recurring Fee of $10 for all members, resident and nonresident. It was decided to levy this to be fair to all members. Nonresidents generally make up two thirds of the total membership- a statistic that has remain mostly unchanged for the past three years. We also use these fees to ‘weed out’ members who are no longer active, who’ve moved on, etc.

Therefore, in order to maintain active membership in LPA, a Recurring Fee of $10 per member is required. This fee must be paid no later than January 15th. After that date, all delinquent members will be dropped from the active Roster, will no longer receive club emails and notices, and will not be able to signup using SUG.

Past members may play as guests.

Snowbirds who plan to be gone for the winter sessions are still expected to pay the fee by January 15th and use the USPS.

We will reinstate delinquent members for an Administrative Fee of $5 plus payment of the $10 Recurring Fee.

Reinstatement is not guaranteed: if our active membership is => 90, the Board may not accept new or reinstated memberships. Litchfield residents who wish to be reinstated receive a higher priority, but not an absolute guarantee.

You can pay this fee in one of two ways:
1. Pay by check- this is the preferred option. Checks are made out to the Litchfield Pickleball Association.

Either drop your check in the money box at any session or pay by mail to:
Litchfield Pickleball Association
10 Old Stage Road
Litchfield, NH 03052
2. Pay by Cash- there will be envelopes provided at each session (inside the clip board). Put your $10 in the envelope provided, your name on the outside. Couples can use one envelope- just indicate both names and include both fees. Drop the sealed envelope in the cash box at any session.
Please do not just drop $10 in the money box and make a notation of the Signin sheets. It’s difficult to manage cash that way and we have no ‘record’ that you’ve paid the fee.