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Vests for LPA Members

The Board has approved a program to subsidize the purchase of vests for all LPA members. The vests cost $18 apiece for quantity of 48 or more. LPA will subsidize $10 of the purchase of the initial vest- the cost to each member is $8 for a fleece vest. That’s a great deal- and the vest has our Litchfield Pickleball logo (in white) on the left breast.

The vests can be viewed with the links below: we’ll have samples to inspect
Ladies Vest        9 colors
Men’s Vest         8 colors

To order, envelopes will be at the signin area for each session. Fill out an envelope with your name, size, color(s) desired and the amount you’re enclosing in the envelope. Checks are preferred, but cash is OK- exact amount please. Seal the envelope and drop it in the money box. If I don’t have a completed envelope for you- then I don’t have your order!

We’ll place the order with the vendor on Friday, October 17th and we should have the vests in hand by the end of October. If you’re going to be away for the season, arrange for another member to pick up your vest(s). It’s difficult (not impossible, just difficult) for us to hold these vests for you for 3-4 months.

If you’re away during this period, you can send your order to me via snail mail. Make checks payable to Litchfield Pickleball Association and mail to
Litchfield Pickleball Association
c/o Bob Welch
10 Old Stage Road
Litchfield, NH 03052

If you absolutely hate your vest, just return it to us with the tags still intact. We’ll refund your $8 but we’re not committing to replace it. We may or may not order more vests in the future, but the price will be higher because we won’t get the quantity discount.

I’m ordering a 2nd vest and I know several other members who will also- at $18 a vest, it’s still a good deal!

Any questions, either call or email me- don’t hit Reply All unless you feel the other 70 members absolutely want to share your question.

This offer only open to LPA members. If anyone is considering membership, now’s the time to join. Membership applications are available online (see the Membership page and click on Member Pack near the bottom of the page). We’ll also have a few printed copies available in the pickleball box at each session.