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2014 First Half Financial Results

See the spreadsheet titled 1H_2014_Performance shown on the LPA Members Only page on our website.

Analysis Highlights:
• Actual revenues are 149% of Budgeted. Most of the difference is due to greater session revenue vs. budgeted and unplanned additional membership fees. We began the year with 54 active members: we currently have 70 active members.
• Actual expenses are 111% of Budgeted.
• A Recurring Membership fee of $25 was imposed to fund the Litchfield School Program. We donated $1045 for this project, but the actual amount was reduced to $795 because we received an offsetting grant of $250 from USAPA for this educational program.
• If we decide to continue this type of expenditure in 2015, we would continue the Recurring Membership fee. If we did not continue this type of program in 2015, the need for the Recurring Fee is problematical. Members will be polled in September re. their ideas for the 2015 revenue plan.

The first reflexive thought is to give back to the Litchfield community: however, as a nonprofit corporation, we are not allowed to act as a charity and – we could be liable for income taxes on charitable donations. So the 2015 revenue plan is to spend all revenues on LPA members and club expenses.